Here we are going to see the custom placeholder using jQuery like HTML5 placeholder. In normal HTML5 placeholders its hard to change the style of the textbox caption style. If you want to change the text box style in normal placeholder mode and the user entering mode means we need to change the class of the textbox when the user action is made on that. This simple `placeholder` jQuery extend will give you the way to resolve it. Here we have created two CSS classes for change the textbox style in normal mode and focus mode. It can be easily customized as per you wished style.



This tutorial will explain you about jQuery Lightbox. It’s a no–conflict jQuery script wont affect your other jQuery scripts used in your projects. Simple show(), hide() will make this ready to use jQuery Lightbox. It’s simple and free download and easy to integrate in your projects.  Below code will explain you how to make this simple jquery lightbox.

jquery lightbox free download - no conflict simple ready to use script


This tutorial will explain you about live username availability checking using ajax and PHP and about the live password strength indicator. You can see this logic in many websites during signup example Google and Twitter. As the same here this tutorial will explain you about those. Means if I am entering the username or email it will suggest me the availability whether the username is available or not. So that user will let to know the availability before form getting submits. So in this tutorial we will make an Ajax username availability checker with help of jQuery. So here we are going to use Ajax, jQuery, PHP and MySql. Let’s start.



In this tut, we will let to know about Ajax login form using jQuey and PHP. It’s simple and easy to integrate in your projects. By using the below script you can get the live Ajax login method. Simple ajax() by jQuery function is letting here to do this job. Simple and ready to use script. Let’s see,


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