Image or file uploading is very simple in php. By using move_upload_file() we can move an image or file to our folder. We can copy the uploading image or file to our root folder by this function. Here is the simple funtion for uplad image in php. In this article we going to upload the file, check the extension of the file and validate, rename the file, move to folder, save the file name in db, get image to display.


Here we going to know about the JSON library in php. JSON is one of the client side scripting language used for send or get the large amount of data easily. It also known as light weight code. JSON is using in many popular sites such as google, Facebook etc. We can pass or save the data with out custom parameters. Below is a small example of json_encode() and json_decode()


This article will teach about you the language translation in PHP, by saving the body texts into an array we can translate the words into any language. Simply we need to save the texts in .php file as an array and echo the array in the body page. Below is a simple example for language translation in php. Language translation in PHP is very simple, texts in an array and echo it in the files where do you want to display the texts in other languages.


This article will show you to how load more contents or data dynamically on window scroll down like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Dzone and much more. Many websites which has more data to show to users will use this module to avoid page loading time and display the contents dynamically to users without taking too much loading time. When user scroll down the page the more data will be loaded automatically from the server using Ajax, PHP and MySql. It is using to avoid the loading time and reduce the server pulling time.



This article about the the list of SMTP and POP3 Server details of popular email servers. Each domain have their each SMTP, POP3 host name, port, port. When we using SMTP or POP3 mails using PHP mailer we need to authenticate the server details first. This list will show the most popular servers (Email Server) like Godaddy, 1&1, Host Gator, IOL, Hotmail, Virgin, Yahoo, Google, Windows Live, Mac etc. This article will let you know the SMTP server name of your website.

list of smtp servers phpmailer asif18


This article is about send emails in SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) using phpmailer by own server or gmail server. Every host provider will provide us the mail server and its configurations. SMTP is using for send mails and POP3 is using for receive email to our mail box. Here we are using PHPMailer for send emails using SMTP in php. Every host provider such as godaddy, hostgator, 1&1, Plesk ect has various SMTP configurations. Here is the list of SMTP Server's



Here is the simple google captcha with dynamic reload. Google give us many of its services for free with proper license. it also allows the captcha image for our website. Captcha is using for avoid Anti Spam users in websites. It is for avoiding spam comments in our blog or websites. How captcha will filter anti spam users means? For E.g you have a form with the fields of username, email, message with the action of POST with the action of `action.php` file. Any user can post the values or spam values without using your website or your form page in browser. Simply spammers will POST the values to your In this way the spam comments are posting to your blogs and websites. To avoid this we are using captcha to let know is that user is an human or not. Here is the simple captcha ready to integrate in your website which contains dynamic captcha reload without page reload.


This tutorial will explain you about standard Simple PayPal Integration code using PHP in web application for online checkout. Normally PayPal has two environments such as Sandbox, Real Time. Sandbox is for developers which help to do their test transactions (test purchases) before application or project goes live.

paypal integration code using php

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