Brain challenge! calculate the below without using calculator or paper. Find out the right answer

find it without using calc paper


Find the result of this challenge. One day my boss asked me to satisfy this condition without using more replacements, its a kind of brain games or brain refreshner, the condition is we need the result like "Hello World". The only option is change the SOMETHING. What will be that SOMETHING?



This article is about send emails in SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) using phpmailer by own server or gmail server. Every host provider will provide us the mail server and its configurations. SMTP is using for send mails and POP3 is using for receive email to our mail box. Here we are using PHPMailer for send emails using SMTP in php. Every host provider such as godaddy, hostgator, 1&1, Plesk ect has various SMTP configurations. Here is the list of SMTP Server's



This article about the the list of SMTP and POP3 Server details of popular email servers. Each domain have their each SMTP, POP3 host name, port, port. When we using SMTP or POP3 mails using PHP mailer we need to authenticate the server details first. This list will show the most popular servers (Email Server) like Godaddy, 1&1, Host Gator, IOL, Hotmail, Virgin, Yahoo, Google, Windows Live, Mac etc. This article will let you know the SMTP server name of your website.

list of smtp servers phpmailer asif18


In this article we are going to learn about facebook login using PHP and Javascript SDK. For using PHP SDK you need to check is your server is cURL enabled. PHP SDK will post the information using PHP cURL. We are using the both PHP, Javascript SDK for avoid page redirecting and stay your website user in the same page withour any redirection using popup.


This article will teach about you the language translation in PHP, by saving the body texts into an array we can translate the words into any language. Simply we need to save the texts in .php file as an array and echo the array in the body page. Below is a simple example for language translation in php. Language translation in PHP is very simple, texts in an array and echo it in the files where do you want to display the texts in other languages.

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