This tutorial will explain you about jQuery Lightbox. It’s a no–conflict jQuery script wont affect your other jQuery scripts used in your projects. Simple show(), hide() will make this ready to use jQuery Lightbox. It’s simple and free download and easy to integrate in your projects.  Below code will explain you how to make this simple jquery lightbox.

jquery lightbox free download - no conflict simple ready to use script


Here we are going to see the custom placeholder using jQuery like HTML5 placeholder. In normal HTML5 placeholders its hard to change the style of the textbox caption style. If you want to change the text box style in normal placeholder mode and the user entering mode means we need to change the class of the textbox when the user action is made on that. This simple `placeholder` jQuery extend will give you the way to resolve it. Here we have created two CSS classes for change the textbox style in normal mode and focus mode. It can be easily customized as per you wished style.



Challenge: here is an another brain challenge. I had 50 in my hand. My expenses from that 50 as follows, When am going to tally i found some excess in my hand. Can you find and tell me how the REMAINING 1 came from?

where this 1 come from by asif18


Here is the simple google captcha with dynamic reload. Google give us many of its services for free with proper license. it also allows the captcha image for our website. Captcha is using for avoid Anti Spam users in websites. It is for avoiding spam comments in our blog or websites. How captcha will filter anti spam users means? For E.g you have a form with the fields of username, email, message with the action of POST with the action of `action.php` file. Any user can post the values or spam values without using your website or your form page in browser. Simply spammers will POST the values to your In this way the spam comments are posting to your blogs and websites. To avoid this we are using captcha to let know is that user is an human or not. Here is the simple captcha ready to integrate in your website which contains dynamic captcha reload without page reload.


Google provides API’s for use its services on our website using OAuth (Open Authorization). Google has released its OAuth2 for secured data such as emails. We can use the Google API in our website for integrate Google components such as Google login for your website, Open Authorization (OAuth), Gplus tools, Google maps and more. This tutorial will explain you how to integrate Google login in your website including user email. OAuth will not provide the user’s email for security and privacy purpose. OAuth2 allow us to get user email address during signin with Google account in your website. Login with google plus is very simple in PHP API. First of all download the Google API for PHP from here, and create a Google API in Google API Console. You can find the tutorial for How to create Google app here. After that you will get API Key, Client ID, Secret key and all. These things will be important for Integrate Google login in your website.

gplus login using with oauth2 in php including user email address by asif18


This article will explain you to how to create Google Apps for website or android devices like Facebook apps and its usage. Google provides google apps for use its services in our websites. Google apps allow us to use its services such as Google Plus, Google login, Google maps, Google webmaster tools, Google analytics, Admin SDK, JSON Cloud storage and more. We can create google app in its API Console. Goto and follow the instructions..

Create app in google by asif18

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