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Hi people, here is one of my script to find a points Latitude and Longitude using Google map. This will show you the Latitude and Longitude of a place using Google maps.  This Google Map api presents to know about any point latitude, longitude and show custom information. It allows us to use ‘infowindow()’ to show information or custom message about particular place or city.  We can find any particular place and get its original latitude and longitude using this script. We can get the city latitude, longitude details and also this snippet will allow showing the particular city or a place and its information in Google maps directly.

Latitude and Longitude finder using Google maps

By using the `infowindow()` function we can show our custom message when clicks on the marker on map. For developers we can run our custom function in this `marker` click function.  Just click the demo link to see how it works. Download the complete ready to use script below.

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